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‘Where your journey takes you’


Bus Éireann’s premium inter-regional brand, Expressway, wanted a campaign to focus on the totality of the on-board experience – a sense of what makes Expressway ‘way better’. The message conveyed is that ‘where your journey takes you is up to you – just take it in style, comfort and safety on Expressway’.


iOS Development/Product Design/Product Strategy

The creation of a unique, exclusive character, ‘Big Red’ manifests Expressway’s values and service. It is a powerful metaphor that does the heavy lifting to create an emotional engagement that only Expressway can truly make. The Expressway Way Better idea is simple and yet disruptive. It’s a universal story of imagination; it’s charming and intrinsically visual, perfect for today’s fractured media consumption.

The campaign is fully integrated, running across a host of platforms including broadcast, billboard, digital, social and print – with the public learning a little more about the Character ‘Big Red’ and his exploits as time goes by. Hollywood heavy hitter, John Moore, directed the advert.

“Through hard work, great determination, and a dedicated team, Strategem have consistently delivered exceptional results for our brand. They’ve challenged the norm to unlock valuable new opportunities, and have significantly helped in steering the strategic direction of Expressway as a brand. No request is too large, or small – Strategem show the highest standard of care and dedication to the team here in Bus Éireann, the brand of Expressway, and most importantly, to our customers.”

Sean Forde, Product Manager, Expressway


Integrated, international lead generation


Digital marketing campaign for Spanx EMEA paid search.