A Toy Town View From Our Office With Tilt Shift


We took a day out and went up to the roof of our offices and took a video of the port/area, giving us some interesting perspectives on the surroundings we love so well.

It’s entitled ‘A Rooftop View’ of Ringsend & Irishtown, Dublin. We shot the footage using a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, and the video editors in our design studio did the rest.

From big boats in the docks to little folks going about their business, all human life is captured here.

Hats off to the people at StrategemiLabs for sticking a camera on the roof of their building to film a top-class tilt-shift video of life in the Ringsend/Irishtown area of Dublin.

Called ‘A Rooftop View’ this video covers all manner of stuff that goes on in the area, from toll-bridge tailbacks to people wandering around their gardens.

The ‘toytown’ effect is always charming and the music here is pretty slick too.


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